PRESS RELEASE: ipac WA Breaks Down Barriers with Powerful Media Campaign



March 2015

Press Release:  ipac WA Breaks Down Barriers with Powerful Media Campaign

ipac WA’s latest media campaign, organised by digital creative agency Mind Carnival, aims to show consumers exactly what sets them apart from other financial planning firms.

Mind Carnival’s multi-faceted creative strategy combines the launch of an all-new website for the financial company along with a series of compelling videos and media buys in the Perth Metro area – the campaign is focused around ipac WA’s CEO Patrick Canion, who tackles the growing lack of trust in the financial industry, and how his company is setting a new standard through a winning combination of high transparency, uniquely personalised service, and a strong emphasis on ethical business practices in all aspects of the organisation.

“Financial planners should focus on what’s in your heart and what’s important to you, but too many focus on what a person’s worth is or what’s in their wallet.” Over the course of three new videos, Canion speaks openly about himself and a controversial subject within the financial planning sector.

The partnership with ipac WA is just the latest in a string of highly successful campaigns launched in recent months by Mind Carnival, which specialises in programmatic media buying, big data and analytics. For more information, visit

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