Google Report on Affiliate Programs Gone Bad!

Google recently released a report called “Ad Injection at Scale: Assessing Deceptive Advertisement Modifications” which was conducted by researchers from several US universities in order to capture the scale and details of the ad injection problem many websites face today.

They conducted some live testing of sites and of course data from Google searches.  Some of the abstract here;

We find that ad injection has entrenched itself as a cross-browser monetization platform impacting more than 5% of unique daily IP addresses accessing Google—tens of millions of users around the globe.

Injected ads arrive on a client’s machine through multiple vectors: our measurements identify 50,870 Chrome extensions and 34,407 Windows binaries, 38% and 17% of which are explicitly malicious.

A small number of software developers support the vast majority of these injectors who in turn syndicate from the larger ad ecosystem. We have contacted the Chrome Web Store and the advertisers targeted by ad injectors to alert each of the deceptive practices involved

Click here to read the full Google report on ad injection


Below is a table of Affiliates which are clearly to be avoided.  Mind Carnival recommends you investigate Affiliates before taking on a media campaign and strong urge you to avoid these below companies completely.


Ad Injection Library #            Affiliates             Top Affiliate              Top Share                             494                    Crossrider                    44%                 114,486                Shopperpro                  8%                                 885                        Iwebar                        7%                96                        Crossrider                  42%
{crdrdpjs, rvzrjs, …}.info        613                     TornTV V                      9.0 7%                            479                          Sense                            8%                              521                       Plus-HD-                      9.4 6%                  57,983                  Browser Shop                10%                         155                        Netcrawl                        12%


Table III: Affiliate structure of the top ad injectors, the total number of unique affiliates identified in client-side DOMs, the largest affiliate
by market share, and the market share the they control.

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Mind Carnival provides transparent and best practice media buying and analysis.  Affiliates and Affiliate programs need to be researched first before you decide to participate.

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