EVENT 4th June: What we can & can’t say online & It doesn’t matter what you say, we’ll find you

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Learn from top executives from ABC Network, ACCAN & Integral Ad Science!  

Struggle Street & SBS – Defamation?


Here is the agenda – you won’t want to miss this:


1. Grant McAvaney, Senior Lawyer, ABC Network – The Rise of the Machines: Regulating Speech and Communications in the Age of the Internet…(And Fancy Mobile Phones)

2. Holly Raiche, Chair ISOC, Dep Chair ACCAN, Cyberspace Law & Policy – It doesn’t matter what you say, we’ll find you

3. James Diamond, MD Integral Ad Science  – Bots & Botnets, the dark side of the Internet- what is it?

Mind Carnival is proud to present a dynamic 3 hour educational event to help consumers and business owners learn valuable knowledge, help protect themselves, understand changes and best practices in cyberspace.

What you will learn at this event:

1. The Rise of the Machines: Regulating Speech and Communications in the Age of the Internet…(And Fancy Mobile Phones)
Grant McAvaney

– How is free speech protected, and to what extent, in Australia?

– What are other rights or privileges are protected in Australia, potentially at the expense of free speech?

– Defamation – can you say anything you want on any type of media? If not, what defences to defamation claims are available?

– Are there consequences for using the private or confidential information of other people, whether in the reporting of news and current affairs or otherwise?

2. Getting followed by authorities and data retention. Holly Raiche

-our new data retention legislation – what it does and how you will be followed

– the recent Snowden decision in the US – see he was right – they are snooping

– the EU ruling on data retention – yes, it is personal information and there must be limits on its collection, storage and use – Google – are we ever forgotten? what Google will or will not take down

3. Bots & Botnets in the Internet Underground. James Diamond

– what are bots and botnets and why are these perceived a problem in billions of wasted revenue each year?

– What’s awesome about internet advertising – It has some big benefits for society !

– Who is exploiting it – the how and why of online advertising fraud

– How do we maximise the good and eliminate the bad of online advertising

Information on the speakers

GRANT MCAVANEY – Senior Lawyer, ABC Network

Experienced specialist media litigator and Senior Lawyer at the ABC. Previously a Partner of Minter Ellison Lawyers and Senior Lawyer with ninemsn. Grant has acted both for and against the print media, radio and TV broadcasters and digital publishers alike.

His experience includes litigation and the provision of pre-publication advice on a range of media law issues, including defamation, privacy, suppression orders, intellectual property, and contempt of court. He is also experienced in policy and legislative reform in areas that impact on the media.
Grant is a member of the Law Council’s Media & Communications Law Committee, and he also lectures on media law at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance. His love of public speaking has also lead to him being an MC for hire – visit facebook/grantemcee; www.grantmc.com.au for more information.

HOLLY RAICHE – Cyberspace Law & Policy,  Aust. Consumer Commission, ISOC

Holly is the Chair of the Internet Society of Australia’s Policy Committee and the Deputy Chair of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Australia’s peak body for consumer advocacy in communications. Holly is a Visiting Fellow at the Cyberspace Law and Policy Community at UNSW and a Research Associate at the Communications law Centre, based at UTS. Holly teaches Communications Law at both an undergraduate and graduate level at UNSW and at UTS and has written widely on telecommunications issues, and most relevantly, is the author of the chapters on the policy background and consumer protections in the only text on telecommunications, the Australian Telecommunications Regulation.

JAMES DIAMOND – MD, Integral Ad Science

James is the Managing Director at Integral Ad Science Australia, a global media valuation platform that focuses on viewability, brand safety and ad-fraud detection.

Marketing is all about connecting buyers and sells. With the growth of the internet advertisers now have so many more opportunities to connect with their audience and deciding which opportunities should they act on requires a value to be placed on each opportunity. James and his team at Integral Ad Science Australia are focused on eliminating waste for advertisers and decluttering the web for consumers.

James completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the University of Western Sydney, studied finance at Harvard Business School and leadership at Oxfords Said Business School.


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