Addressing the Ethics of Big Data: Is Your Board Ready?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (image courtesy of IBM Big Data Hub)

“Big Data” is a promising new trend that can help organisations streamline operations, predict trends, and personalise services. But with more data being collected than ever, thorny privacy and accessibility issues are coming to the forefront. Society is beginning to demand accountability from organisations, putting boards in the powerful position of being able to set boundaries and dictate future policy around this tool. Read more

The 5 Minute Guide to an Effective Online Strategy for Lawyers


Mind Carnival has worked on a number of online projects for lawyers and we learned alot by the varying results achieved and different ways lawyers run their businesses.

The key point is the advertising in the legal industry is SENSITIVE. In fact, calling it advertising is not met with wide approval. Lets call it, helping prospective customers to find a reputable and effective legal service to meet their needs. One they can TRUST.
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