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PRESS RELEASE: FoodWorks Steps Up Their Game with State-of-the-art eCommerce Store


PRESS RELEASE: FoodWorks Steps Up Their Game with State-of-the-art e-commerce Store

February 2015

Popular Marrickville-based supermarket Banana Joe’s FoodWorks has contracted advertising, media and technology agency Mind Carnival to launch its new e-commerce store and nationwide delivery service, providing customers from all over Australia with quick, easy access to a their wide selection of fresh, certified organic foods, along with over 15,000 grocery and product lines. Read more

The 5 Minute Guide to an Effective Online Strategy for Lawyers


Mind Carnival has worked on a number of online projects for lawyers and we learned alot by the varying results achieved and different ways lawyers run their businesses.

The key point is the advertising in the legal industry is SENSITIVE. In fact, calling it advertising is not met with wide approval. Lets call it, helping prospective customers to find a reputable and effective legal service to meet their needs. One they can TRUST.
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Press release board restructure

news-644847_1920September 2014

Mind Carnival Welcomes New Board Advisor as Part of Restructuring Efforts

The national Australian based digital creative company undergoes board restructure due to expanded client services.

Mind Carnival, a multi-channel digital creative agency based in Sydney, Australia, has appointed Neil Macdonald as new board advisor to help the company’s aggressive growth and expansion plans.

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Retargeting for Australian Business Market Leaders


With so much opportunity out there in cyberspace – a truly global marketplace – as you would expect there comes the immense competition from other marketers and businesses.

It is therefore increasingly important to utilise sophisticated online marketing techniques like Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click which have all been popularised and shown to be viable methods of achieving ROI – but what else can you turn to?

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Content Ideas

Do you think of strategy when coming up with new content for your target audiences?

Strategic content aimed at high engagement over the longer term is critical to all businesses for success within the multi-channel digital channels we now have in front of us.

Companies successfully growing their client base, understand the need to  Read more

What is the difference between producing a ‘video’ and producing a mind blowing, impacting digital experience?

Online videos are growing in importance all the time with their audience reach so more and more companies are producing videos to promote their products and services.

Business leaders are expected to be very good at managing their own businesses yet when it comes to videos they sometimes find themselves lost in what makes a good video production.

Well known wildlife photographer David Young once said: Read more

How to increase your E-commerce store transactions & win in 2014

While increasing sales is generally a fundamental goal for online retailers, e-commerce sites are sometimes not generating the increase in transactions that they could be because they are failing to think adequately about what their customers actually need. As Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon puts it, we need to Read more

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