How to stop Ad Injection

A recent report from Google covered  “a detailed investigation into the negative impact of ad injection and the ecosystem that supports it. We found that ad injection has entrenched itself as a crossbrowser monetization platform impacting more than 5% of unique daily IP addresses accessing Google—tens of millions of users around the globe.

Injected ads arrive on a client’s machine through multiple unwanted and malicious vectors, with our measurements identifying 50,870 Chrome extensions and 34,407 Windows binaries, 38% and 17% of which are explicitly malicious.

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Google Report on Affiliate Programs Gone Bad!

Google recently released a report called “Ad Injection at Scale: Assessing Deceptive Advertisement Modifications” which was conducted by researchers from several US universities in order to capture the scale and details of the ad injection problem many websites face today.

They conducted some live testing of sites and of course data from Google searches.  Some of the abstract here;

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EVENT 4th June: What we can & can’t say online & It doesn’t matter what you say, we’ll find you

struggle st

Learn from top executives from ABC Network, ACCAN & Integral Ad Science!  

Struggle Street & SBS – Defamation?


Here is the agenda – you won’t want to miss this:


1. Grant McAvaney, Senior Lawyer, ABC Network – The Rise of the Machines: Regulating Speech and Communications in the Age of the Internet…(And Fancy Mobile Phones)

2. Holly Raiche, Chair ISOC, Dep Chair ACCAN, Cyberspace Law & Policy – It doesn’t matter what you say, we’ll find you

3. James Diamond, MD Integral Ad Science  – Bots & Botnets, the dark side of the Internet- what is it?
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7 Important Key Steps Australian Financial Planners Must Take In Order to Grow Their Business & 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Picture courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald – Financial Planner Spins a Social Media Web….

Is business growth for financial planners hard to come by? Without well-thought out strategies in place to solidify market presence and relevance, the challenge can prove to be enormous. Game-changing consumer trends and rule-defying consumer behavior characterize the present market dynamics – and increasingly demand financial planners to keep up.

As provider-consumer dynamics are changing, the core idea is for financial advisers to go where the clients are. Here are some ideas to make this happen:

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The Global Threat of Increasing Bots in Media


Are brands wasting billions of advertising dollars on bot traffic globally? 

Research group Solve Media says ‘yes’, with estimates that about $4.6 billion of the $11 billion spent by retailers on digital advertising last year was wasted on bot traffic fraud. It’s further estimated that a total of $6.3 billion was spent on fraudulent traffic overall in 2014, with video advertising taking the hardest hit.

What Are ‘Bots’ Exactly?

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PRESS RELEASE: ipac WA Breaks Down Barriers with Powerful Media Campaign



March 2015

Press Release:  ipac WA Breaks Down Barriers with Powerful Media Campaign

ipac WA’s latest media campaign, organised by digital creative agency Mind Carnival, aims to show consumers exactly what sets them apart from other financial planning firms.

Mind Carnival’s multi-faceted creative strategy combines the launch of an all-new website for the financial company along with a series of compelling videos and media buys in the Perth Metro area – the Read more

PRESS RELEASE: FoodWorks Steps Up Their Game with State-of-the-art eCommerce Store


PRESS RELEASE: FoodWorks Steps Up Their Game with State-of-the-art e-commerce Store

February 2015

Popular Marrickville-based supermarket Banana Joe’s FoodWorks has contracted advertising, media and technology agency Mind Carnival to launch its new e-commerce store and nationwide delivery service, providing customers from all over Australia with quick, easy access to a their wide selection of fresh, certified organic foods, along with over 15,000 grocery and product lines. Read more

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